Video shows Mich. police officers rescue 8-year-old boy electrocuted by live wire

Officers rushed to aid of unconscious boy after witnessing electrocution

“He’s still alive. He’s breathing,” officers can be heard saying as they drag the unconscious child out of harm’s way in dramatic body camera footage from September 2022. The officers’ quick actions saved the life of a young boy who was electrocuted in Warren, Michigan.

Officers spot boy being electrocuted, rush to help

The incident occurred last year when officers responded to reports of a child being electrocuted. In the body camera footage, an officer can be seen approaching a section of a street marked off by caution tape after saying he saw the boy get electrocuted. Additional officers approached from the other side of the wire. Hysterical screams can be heard as another child was told to back away.

Officers pull unconscious boy to safety

“He’s still alive. He’s breathing,” officers can be heard saying as they drag the unconscious child out of harm’s way. The boy had suffered severe burns to his hands from the electric shock. A teacher who arrived at the scene identified the boy as Blake.

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Officers drive injured boy to hospital, comfort him

After pulling Blake to safety, the officers realized he needed immediate medical attention. They transported the injured boy to a nearby hospital in their police cruiser. As Blake started to regain consciousness during the drive, the officers comforted him and tried to keep him calm.

Officers reassure frightened, injured boy

“OK, bud,” Corp. Det. Daniel Rose says to the boy. “What’s your name? I’m with you buddy.” Despite his own traumatic injuries, the officers made Blake’s well-being their top priority by reassuring the frightened child and getting him emergency medical care quickly.

Officers honored for valor, life-saving actions

For their heroic actions that saved young Blake’s life, Corp. Det. Daniel Rose and Officer David Chapman were recently honored with a Valor Award. The ceremony highlighted how police officers are committed to protecting public safety in all situations.

Officers see award as part of commitment to serve

“It’s not only writing tickets, it’s not going to actual crimes, it’s serving the public – making sure people are safe,” Rose said. “That, in essence, wasn’t a police matter but the police were there –and thank goodness we were able to react and save a life. And that’s the stuff that happens every day that people don’t know about.”


The body camera footage of officers Rose and Chapman rushing to save an electrocuted child shows the live-saving role police officers play daily. Though the boy was severely injured, the officers’ quick response provided him with the emergency care he needed to survive. Their heroic actions under pressure demonstrate the valor and commitment to public service that makes them worthy of commendation.

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What happened to the electrocuted boy?

The boy, identified as Blake, suffered severe burns to his hands from the electric shock. The officers transported him to a hospital for emergency medical treatment.

How did the officers save Blake’s life?

They pulled him to safety quickly, assessed his condition, and then rushed him to the hospital in their police cruiser, while comforting him on the way. Their fast response was critical.

What award did the officers receive?

Corp. Det. Daniel Rose and Officer David Chapman were given a Valor Award for their heroic and life-saving actions in rescuing Blake.

What did Officer Rose say about the incident?

He said it shows police are committed to more than just fighting crime – they serve the public by acting quickly in all kinds of situations to protect lives.

How does this show the role of police officers?

It highlights how police heroically put their own safety at risk when responding to emergencies, even when not dealing with crime, in order to save lives and get medical attention for injured community members.

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