‘Criminals are running this city’: Now-retired Seattle officer writes brutal resignation letter

After 23 years on the Seattle Police Department, Lieutenant Jessica Taylor has decided to call it quits. In a raw, 15-page resignation letter, Taylor offered an unfiltered take on her reasons for retiring. The letter promises a candid perspective into the factors that influenced her difficult decision.

Lt. Jessica Taylor’s resignation after 23 years

Taylor’s 15-page resignation letter

Instead of filling out the standard exit paperwork when announcing her resignation, Lt. Taylor penned Chief Adrian Diaz an extensive, 15-page letter. She characterized the document as an “unfiltered, raw and unapologetic” description of why she opted to bring her decades-long career to a close.

Letter promises “unfiltered, raw and unapologetic” truth

In an interview, Taylor stated she “wanted to go out with the truth.” The letter represented a vehicle through which the retiring lieutenant could provide authentic insight into issues plaguing the department and city government.

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Taylor’s criticisms in the letter

Seattle city council members lack common sense

Taylor levied intense criticism against Seattle’s city council members. She assailed them for policy decisions devoid of “common sense and fundamental logic.” Their absurd policies, Taylor asserts, have degraded public safety.

Council policies turned Seattle into “playground for anarchists and criminals”

Moreover, Taylor condemns council policies that have transformed Seattle into a sanctuary for anarchy and crime. She argues elected leaders seem disturbingly unconcerned over the harm caused by their actions.

Criminals are running the city

“If you haven’t noticed, the criminals are running this city,” Taylor declares. Under current conditions, law-abiding citizens are left unprotected while lawbreakers face few consequences for illegal acts.

Taylor’s mixed emotions about resigning

Deep affection for the city

While fiercely critical of leadership failures, Taylor retains deep affection for Seattle. She has a long record of volunteerism assisting the homeless and Special Olympics. Her service ethic even earned recognition from the National Guard.

Wanted to help community through policing

Taylor joined SPD aspiring to positively impact the community. However, she reached an point where she felt unable to fulfill that purpose under present circumstances.

Believes can no longer fulfill that objective

With crime unchecked and police unsupported, Taylor came to believe she could not effectively achieve her initial goal of benefiting the public via policing. Though the choice was difficult, she felt remaining in the role would be unethical.

Praise for SPD colleagues

Exceptionally devoted, courageous, skilled

While condemning leadership failures, Taylor offers effusive praise of rank-and-file SPD officers. She lauds them as exceptionally devoted public servants who demonstrate great courage and ability upholding their duties despite extremely adverse conditions.

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Wanted to feel valued and respected

Taylor argues these outstanding police deserve to feel cherished and valued for their tremendous contributions. SPD leadership must highlight their vital community role.

Taylor’s transition to new role

Having concluded she can no longer ethically remain in law enforcement under the current state of affairs, Taylor has shifted into an unspecified career outside policing.


After 23 years, Lt. Jessica Taylor resigned from SPD, penning a searing letter eviscerating city leadership over policies enabling anarchy and emboldening criminals. She argues derelict decision-making has depleted public safety, undercutting conscientious officers. Taylor exhibits intense affection for Seattle, pride in her noble colleagues risking all to protect the city, and profound dismay over failed policies rendering the environment unconducive to ethical policing. Unable to rectify the situation, Taylor reluctantly departed to pursue a new professional path. However, her devotion to Seattle remains steadfast. Should circumstances change whereby officers are empowered to reestablish public safety, Taylor would undoubtedly embrace the chance to rejoin her exceptional colleagues in restoring order.


Why did Lt. Taylor resign after 23 years?

After over two decades of devotion to SPD and Seattle, Lt. Taylor felt compelled to resign because failed policies prevented her from ethically achieving her objectives of protecting the public. With city leaders fostering anarchy and emboldening criminals, she believes officers are rendered incapable of delivering safety.

What criticisms did Taylor have in her resignation letter?

In the blistering letter, Taylor condemns Seattle elected officials for nonsensical policies lacking logic and decimating public order. She argues their poor decisions have given criminals free rein while diminishing quality of life for law-abiding residents.

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How does Taylor feel about her SPD colleagues?

While fiercely critical of leadership, Taylor offers effusive praise for her fellow SPD officers. She admires their bravery and dedication upholding their duties despite a hazardous climate enabled by failed policies.

What is Taylor’s view of Seattle city leadership?

Taylor unleashes severe criticism against Seattle’s mayor, city council, prosecutor’s office and police chief. She argues their collective failure to lead has accelerated the city’s descent into anarchy and chaos.

What does Taylor say criminals are doing in Seattle?

Taylor declares “criminals are running this city,” benefiting from negligent policies providing cover for illegal acts while exposing innocent residents to harm.

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