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New TASER X26P Smart Weapon Announced

Revitalized CEW Combines Classic Features With Modernized Technology

X26P Revealed as Newest TASER Innovation

The X26P combines the classic form factor and cartridge compatibility of the original X26 model with new enhanced Smart technology features. The single-shot device will feel familiar to officers while providing improved functionality.

Integrates Core Smart TASER Elements

The X26P incorporates elements of the advanced Smart TASER platform also seen on the X2 model, giving users updated technology in a familiar device. This includes safety and performance boosting features developed over the last decade to create the ultimate CEW experience.

Provides Familiar Form Factor

With the X26 platform being TASER’s most popular model historically, the company saw demand for a cost-effective single-shot option without substantial new training requirements. The X26P aims to deliver the features officers want while using the highly recognizable and easy to use X26 form.

Enhanced With Smart Technology

Digital Architecture

An all-digital, solid-state architecture using Charge Metering allows precise delivery of electric charge for maximum safety and effectiveness.

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Trilogy Logging Capabilities

Trilogy Logs provide extensive data capture capabilities recording device usage parameters, user actions, pulse delivery details, and more. This facilitates analysis and oversight.

Compatibility With Other Products

The X26P utilizes TASER’s Universal Smart Platform, meaning it can integrate with other Smart products seamlessly, including TASER CAM HD, Performance Power Magazines, Automatic Performance Power Magazines, and more. Firmware is also updateable over the internet.

Integration With Cloud Platform

Like all Smart CEWs, the X26P integrates with, TASER’s secure cloud-based evidence management platform, for streamlined evidence handling and analysis.

Quality and Reliability Improvements

Weatherproofing Rating

The X26P is IPX2-rated for weatherproofing, allowing it to withstand exposure to rain and moisture much better than previous models. Officers can count on solid performance in harsh conditions.

Warranty and Support

TASER stands behind the X26P with our world-class warranty and customer support services for peace of mind. Help is available as needed to keep the devices operational.

Improved Power Magazine

An upgraded eXtended Performance Power Magazine (XPPM) provides a more ergonomic grip shape as well as dedicated on-board storage for a spare cartridge, protecting and keeping it close at hand when needed.

Cost Effectiveness

Upgraded Battery Life

Using a newly improved power magazine, battery life lasts twice as long as the battery in legacy X26 units. Officers spend less time managing batteries and more time policing.

Upgrade/Trade-in Program

For existing customers, discounted upgrade pricing and a new X26/X26P trade-in program provides an affordable path to refresh inventory with the latest technology improvements.

Pricing and Accessories

The X26P base unit is affordably priced at $849.95. A wide range of optional accessories like multiple power magazine choices, TASER CAM HD, and more allow complete loadout customization.

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Additional Details

Webcast Overview

TASER founder and CEO Rick Smith will hold a special webcast on January 30th at 4pm EST to cover more details on the X26P launch and TASER’s new trade-in/upgrade programs. Interested parties are encouraged to register online.

Links to Resources

A comprehensive set of additional X26P details, images, videos, and more can be accessed through the links provided.

Company Background

TASER International, founded in 1994 and based in Scottsdale, AZ, is the leading provider of conducted energy devices and body-worn camera solutions to law enforcement. With more than 255,000 private citizens also relying on their products for self-defense applications, TASER continues innovating to protect and enable transparency through industry-leading technology.


The TASER X26P Smart CEW offers law enforcement and self-defense-minded individuals an optimal balance of familiarity and modernization at an affordable price point. With enhanced Smart technology features improving safety, effectiveness, accountability, and reliability compared to previous models, it is positioned to surpass the popularity of the best-selling X26 that proceeded it. Interested buyers who want to future proof their conducted energy device arsenal need look no further.


What is the price of the X26P?

The X26P base unit pricing is $849.95. A variety of optional accessories and power magazines are sold separately to allow complete configuration customization if desired.

When will the X26P start shipping?

The X26P was announced on January 15th, 2013 and first units will begin shipping by February 28th, 2013.

What trade-in discounts are available?

Current TASER customers can receive significant upgrade discounts and trade-in value towards new X26P units when exchanging old X26 devices. A tiered discount structure provides increasing savings for higher volume purchases.

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How do I register for the launch webcast event?

Simply visit and complete the webcast registration form to sign up. The event takes place on January 30th, 2013 at 4pm Eastern.

Where can I see more product images and videos?

Additional assets can be downloaded at which contains both X26P images and footage. Further information is available through the main TASER website and X26P product page.

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