Watch: Wild video shows Ga. troopers pursue driver doing donuts in busy intersection

Residents of Atlanta, Georgia were subjected to a scene of chaos and confusion on Sunday evening when a rogue driver took to spinning donuts in a busy intersection, putting public safety at risk. As depicted in video footage that has since gone viral, the incident prompted a dramatic chase and arrest by Georgia State Highway Patrol that finally brought the dangerous situation under control.

The Reckless Stunt in Northwest Atlanta

On the evening of August 21st, 2023, a driver of a Ford F-150 pickup truck began intentionally spinning and squealing his tires in tight circles, known as “doing donuts,” at the junction of Northside Drive and 17th Street NW in Atlanta. The busy intersection sits near residential neighborhoods and commercial areas, making the irresponsible behavior even more hazardous. As the truck drifted around the intersection, spewing smoke and kicking up debris, a crowd of onlookers gathered to watch. Before long, the brazen display caught the attention of law enforcement.

Chaos and Injury Result

As Georgia State Highway Patrol cruisers approached with lights flashing and sirens blaring, the frenzied scene only escalated in intensity. Panicked by the police presence, the driver attempted to flee through the dense crowd of people, zig-zagging wildly and hitting multiple bystanders in the process. At least one pedestrian sustained injuries during the chaos. With total disregard for public safety, the driver put his own self-interest first.

A Display of Expert Police Work

Refusing to let the F-150 escape and endanger more lives, the trooper adeptly performed a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) maneuver. Deliberately striking the rear side of the accelerating pickup, the trooper skillfully forced the truck into an uncontrollable spin. Unable to regain control, the vehicle careened onto the sidewalk, crashing into a curb and becoming inoperable. With the F-150 disabled, the trooper leapt into action to apprehend the driver.

Final Moments of the Dramatic Chase

As the truck sat crashed and smoking against the concrete curb, the state trooper quickly exited his cruiser. Determined not to let the driver make another unpredictable move, the trooper scrambled onto the prone truck and yanked open the driver’s side door. Video footage shows the unidentified driver being firmly pulled from the vehicle and taken into police custody, finally ending the terrifying incident. Thanks to the trooper’s quick reflexes and expert maneuvering, no further harm or damage resulted.

Legal Consequences Now Pending

With the driver under arrest, authorities can now undertake a full investigation into the shocking stunt. While the driver’s motives remain unclear, they will likely face severe legal penalties for their actions.

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Injuries and Public Endangerment

The injuries caused to at least one pedestrian will factor heavily in potential charges. Reckless driving, fleeing police, public endangerment, and causing bodily harm to others are just a sample of offenses that will be considered by prosecutors. The driver may face license suspension, vehicle impoundment, steep fines, and even jail time for the post severe charges.

Pattern of Growing Incidents

Disturbingly, incidents of reckless driving and stunts have been on the rise around Atlanta. Causes are complex, but likely involve social media influence and inadequate enforcement of traffic laws. Many experts argue that preventative measures are urgently needed to curb this trend before more lives are endangered. More police funding, youth education programs, PSAs, and strategic road blocks have all been proposed.

Broader Discussion Spurred By Incident

Beyond the legal consequences for the driver, the nerve-wracking scene has also sparked discussion around public safety tactics. As high-speed chases continue to put communities at risk, reasonable debate exists around the best policies moving forward.

The Difficult Balance of High-Speed Chases

Police pursuits invariably involve split-second, life-or-death decisions by officers. While allowing suspects to escape erodes public trust in law enforcement, continuing dangerous high-speed chases also threatens community safety. There are reasonable arguments on both sides; finding the right balance remains up for debate.

Exploring Alternate Tactics

Rather than initiate risky pursuits, many advocate that officers should focus more on vehicle tag identification and later apprehension. However, others argue this also enables further unlawful acts or escape by suspects in the interim. More discussion around adequate policies, additional officer training, non-lethal alternative tactics, and public education may help communities find the right approach.

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Conclusion: A Call For Reasonable Discourse and Policy Changes

The dramatic August 21st incident has rightly prompted public outrage and renewed concern for public safety on Atlanta roads. It provides yet another vivid example of the rising crisis of reckless driving that has plagued the metro area. Thankfully, in this case skilled officers utilized appropriate tactics to rapidly deescalate a dangerous situation without further loss of life.

Lingering Questions and Fears

However, reasonable fears linger regarding whether proper preventative measures are being taken to curb stunt driving before disaster strikes. Ongoing discourse is still needed regarding best pursuit policies that protect both officers and community members when reactive measures fail. Only through further reasonable public debate can policies be reformed and implemented to address this crisis.

The time has come for Atlanta’s lawmakers, law enforcement, and citizens alike to work together towards reasonable solutions. With a thoughtful, evidence-based approach,our community can develop better educational programs, targeted traffic enforcement, and emergency response tactics. United and proactive efforts today will ensure safer streets for Georgia residents tomorrow.


What injuries were caused in the incident?

  • News reports state that at least one pedestrian received unspecified injuries after being hit by the wildly spinning pickup truck amidst the chaos. Further details have not been released at this early stage, but injuries appeared significant enough to factor heavily into potential criminal charges against the driver.

How much legal trouble is the driver likely facing?

  • Though formal charges are still pending further investigation, the driver potentially faces multiple serious offenses like felony reckless driving, fleeing police, causing bodily harm, endangerment of safety, and damage to public property. If prosecuted to the full extent, they could receive steep fines up to $5,000 USD, multi-year license suspension, vehicle impoundment, and years of jail time depending on past record and final accusations.
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What tactics allow police to stop fleeing vehicles?

  • Beyond basic vehicle pursuit, officers are trained in intervention techniques like PIT maneuvers to forcibly spin out accelerating cars. Spike strips, ramming vehicles off roads, deploying stop sticks, and boxing techniques are also approved non-lethal tactics in most jurisdictions as alternatives to unsafe high-speed chases in crowded settings.

How much funding does Atlanta allocate to traffic and stunt driving enforcement?

  • In 2022, only around 3% of Atlanta’s public safety budget was directed towards traffic enforcement and accident investigation. Many critics argue that increasing specialized traffic patrol funding, officer training, and youth education grants could act as a deterrent against growing stunt driving incidents endangering metro communities.

What are possible alternatives to police chases of fleeing suspects?

  • Rather than engage in dangerous high-speed pursuit, some modern policies advocate focusing efforts on identifying suspect vehicles through dashes cams, technology, and bystander footage. Suspects can then be apprehended through home raids or other operations once identified rather than risking public safety through extended pursuits of irrational, reckless drivers across populated areas. More community discussion is warranted.

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