Officer Shot Multiple Times

Video: Ill. officer shot multiple times, beaten by suspect during traffic stop

Background on Violent Traffic Stop Shooting

On October 24, 2023, Illinois State Trooper Dakotah Chapman-Green conducted a routine traffic stop that suddenly turned violent when the suspect, 37-year-old Cristobal Santana, exited his vehicle and opened fire. Trooper Chapman-Green was struck multiple times by gunfire and brutally beaten with a firearm, suffering severe injuries. Santana now faces a litany of felony charges for the cold-blooded attack.

Step-By-Step Account of Traffic Stop Nightmare

State Trooper Pulls Vehicle Over, Suspect Opens Fire Trooper Chapman-Green had pulled over a vehicle driven by Santana for an unspecified traffic violation. At some point during their conversation, Santana unexpectedly stepped out of his car and fired at least 10 gunshots at the trooper.

Suspect Shoots Trooper Multiple Times At least two of Santana’s shots struck Chapman-Green, who tried to take cover but remained exposed. Santana continued his assault, approaching the wounded trooper.

Brutal Beating Inflicted on Helpless Trooper Santana proceeded to violently and repeatedly strike Chapman-Green in the head and face with his firearm, causing devastating facial fractures and brain trauma. The cold-blooded assault pushed the trooper to the brink of death.

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Extensive Injuries Sustained, But Trooper Shows Signs of Recovery

Multiple Gunshot Wounds, Fractures and Brain Bleeding
Chapman-Green remains hospitalized one week after the near-fatal attack, having suffered two gunshot wounds along with harrowing facial fractures, a skull fracture, and bleeding in his brain. The extensive injuries paint a picture of the trooper’s grueling struggle to survive.

Long Road to Recovery But Condition Improving While the list of severe injuries provides a sobering reminder of how close the trooper came to death, Illinois State Police Director Brendan F. Kelly offered some reason for hope, stating that Chapman-Green “continues to improve each day” as he recovers in the hospital. The road ahead remains long, but the early signs point towards the trooper overcoming the brutal ambush.

Suspect Has Extensive Violent Criminal History

Attempted Murder Among Litany of Charges Santana has been hit with a laundry list of felony charges for his heinous attack on Trooper Chapman-Green, including attempted murder, aggravated battery to a police officer, and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. His cold-blooded actions have finally caught up to him.

In Police Custody While Receiving Medical Care

Despite sustaining unspecified injuries of his own, Santana was taken into police custody following the shooting. He remains jailed while receiving appropriate medical treatment under heavy security. With a pattern of violence, authorities clearly consider the suspect a continuous threat.

Person of Interest in Separate Chicago Homicide Moreover, Santana has been named a person of interest in the recent fatal shooting of a 41-year-old Chicago Public Schools teacher. The victim, Adrianna Lopez, had filed for a restraining order against Santana just one month before her death. Santana’s extensive violent criminal history is quickly coming into focus.

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Chicago Teacher Sought Protection Before Tragic Slaying

Teacher Found Fatally Shot Outside Home Lopez was discovered dead with 10 bullet wounds to her chest on the sidewalk outside her Chicago home on October 22nd. Family members say they viewed video footage definitively showing Lopez’s murder.

History of Violence From Former Boyfriend According to Lopez’s family members, the slain 41-year-old had previously endured violent abuse from Santana, a former boyfriend. Seeking protection from his harassment, Lopez filed for an order of protection a mere month before her murder.

Attempts to Keep Suspect Away Proved Futile

Despite Lopez’s efforts to keep Santana away through legal action, he evidently managed to brutally gun her down just weeks later. The tragic case highlights the restrictions on what overextended law enforcement can do to protect vulnerable victims.

Vigils and Memorials Honor Slain Teacher’s Memory

Loved Ones Gather, Offer Prayers at Vigil At a vigil last week outside Lopez’s home, dozens of grieving loved ones gathered to honor her memory with candles, flowers and prayers in English and Spanish. Despite their pain, many wore pink, the teacher’s favorite color.

Colleagues Recall Victim’s Kindness and Bravery Fellow teachers who worked alongside Lopez at Nathan Davis Elementary School recalled her emphasis on kindness between students and her own personal bravery. The remembrances underscore the profound loss to the community.


The disturbing attacks on October 24th underscore the risks law enforcement face during routine traffic stops. The tragic murder of Adrianna Lopez is a sobering reminder that even restraining orders cannot always protect vulnerable victims from violence. Yet the fluttering candles at Lopez’s vigil also symbolized the community’s resilience and refusal to let darkness overcome light.

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What were the exact charges brought against the suspect?

The charges brought against Cristobal Santana include attempted murder, aggravated battery to a police officer, and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

What kind of firearm did the suspect use?

Authorities have not released the specific details on the firearm used by Santana. However, it was confirmed he fired at least 10 shots, striking Trooper Chapman-Green twice.

How long will the suspect remain in custody?

Santana will remain jailed in police custody while receiving medical treatment until his eventual trial in Sangamon County court. Given the severity of charges, he will likely not be released beforehand.

What was the motive behind the traffic stop attack?

Police have not commented publicly on Santana’s possible motive for exiting his vehicle during a routine traffic stop and attempting to murder the state trooper who pulled him over. An investigation is ongoing.

Could anything have prevented the teacher’s tragic murder?

While restraining orders aim to protect victims of domestic violence, they cannot guarantee safety in all situations. Some argue increased coordination between law enforcement and community resources is needed to prevent such tragedies.

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