LASD Still Has Hundreds Of Crown Vics Thanks To 2011 ‘Stockpile

LASD still has hundreds of Crown Vics thanks to 2011 ‘stockpile’

The Ford Crown Victoria has been a staple of police departments across the United States for decades. While many agencies have been phasing out their fleets of these iconic cruisers, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) still has hundreds of them in service. This is largely thanks to a “stockpile” purchase made by the department in 2011, the last year of the Crown Vic’s production.

The Crown Victoria’s Durability

Sergeant David M. Davis of the LASD praised the Crown Victoria, stating, “The Crown Victoria is a rugged and durable platform that has held up great over the years.” This durability has made it a favorite among veteran deputies, who tend to prefer the Crown Vic over newer models. On the other hand, deputies who are newer to the force often opt for the more modern Ford Police Interceptor Utility.

Factors Contributing to the Crown Vic’s Longevity in LASD

One of the key factors contributing to the Crown Vic’s longevity in the LASD fleet is the dry California climate. The lack of humidity and moisture helps keep the cars free from rust, which can significantly extend their service life. This, combined with the Crown Vic’s inherent durability, has allowed the LASD to continue using these vehicles long after other departments have retired them.

Challenges Faced by LASD in Maintaining the Crown Vic Fleet

Despite the Crown Vic’s impressive staying power, the LASD is beginning to face challenges in keeping these cars on the road. According to Sergeant Davis, “The biggest maintenance challenge we have encountered is the growing obsolescence of some mechanical parts that are needed for repairs.” As the cars age and parts become harder to find, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep them running.

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Another challenge is predicting exactly how long the Crown Vics will remain in service. The cars in the LASD fleet have varying mileage, which makes it hard to estimate their remaining service life. Additionally, parts availability will play a significant role in determining how much longer the Crown Vics can continue to serve the department.


The Crown Victoria has left an indelible mark on the history of American law enforcement, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Thanks to a strategic “stockpile” purchase in 2011, the LASD has been able to keep hundreds of these iconic cruisers in service long after other departments have retired them. However, as the cars continue to age and parts become harder to find, the LASD will inevitably have to say goodbye to their beloved Crown Vics. Until then, these rugged and durable vehicles will continue to serve the department and the people of Los Angeles County with the same reliability and performance that has made them a legend in the world of law enforcement.


How many Crown Vics are still in use by LASD?

As of 2023, the LASD still has 429 Crown Vics in service out of the 600 they purchased in 2011.

Why do veteran deputies prefer the Crown Vic?

Veteran deputies prefer the Crown Vic due to its rugged and durable nature, which has proven reliable over the years.

What is the biggest maintenance challenge faced by LASD in keeping the Crown Vics running?

The growing obsolescence of mechanical parts needed for repairs is the biggest challenge faced by the LASD in maintaining their Crown Vic fleet.

What will ultimately determine how much longer the Crown Vics remain in service?

Parts availability will be a key factor in determining how much longer the LASD can continue using their Crown Vic fleet.

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