Ford Crown Victoria named ‘best cop car of all time

Ford Crown Victoria named ‘best cop car of all time’

Overview of the Ford Crown Victoria

The Ford Crown Victoria, produced by Ford Motor Company, was a full-size sedan that was widely used as a fleet vehicle, especially by law enforcement agencies and taxi companies. First introduced in 1983, the Crown Victoria had a lengthy production run that ended in 2011. Over the course of three decades, this durable and dependable sedan became an automotive icon.

Production History

The first generation of the Crown Victoria was produced from 1983 to 1991 across two models: the base Victoria model and the upscale LTD Crown Victoria. In 1992, the second generation was introduced with a major redesign. This generation, produced until 1997, eliminated the LTD prefix and consolidated all models under the Crown Victoria name. The third and final generation spanned 1998 to 2011 with only minimal changes over that period.

Performance and Handling

The Crown Victoria was powered by a V8 engine that delivered ample torque and acceleration for pursuit driving. The rear-wheel-drive platform provided responsive steering and handling at high speeds. While not built for aggressive cornering, the Crown Victoria had a low center of gravity that minimized rollover risk during maneuvers. The sturdy body-on-frame construction allowed it to sustain only minimal damage from curbs or other minor impacts at road speeds.

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Interior Space and Storage

With six passenger seating and a spacious trunk, the Crown Victoria offered exceptional cargo capacity for police gear, both in the cabin and in the rear storage area. The front seat was designed to accommodate radios, weapons, and other equipment needed by officers. The wide cabin provided ample legroom and comfort over long shifts.

Safety and Crashworthiness

The body-on-frame platform gave the Crown Victoria exceptional strength and crash protection. The full steel frame absorbed impact energy and prevented intrusion into the cabin in the event of high-speed collisions. This heavy-duty construction enhanced officer safety and kept the vehicle intact even in harsh impacts.

The Crown Victoria Named Best Police Cruiser by Haloid Fleet

Haloid Fleet, an organization that evaluates and ranks fleet vehicles, has declared the Ford Crown Victoria the best police cruiser of all time based on a comprehensive set of criteria.

Evaluation Criteria and Factors

The Haloid Fleet ranking considered key factors like performance, utility, safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The Crown Victoria consistently met or exceeded expectations in all areas.


The powerful V8 engine enabled it to reach and maintain pursuit speeds with confidence. The rear-wheel drive configuration optimized control and handling at high speeds without compromising stability.


The spacious trunk and interior cabin provided ample storage for police equipment. Officers considered the vehicle highly functional for the demands of the job.


The sturdy frame protected occupants and prevented harmful intrusions in collisions. The design prioritized occupant safety and integrity at high speeds.

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With routine maintenance, the Crown Victoria often achieved over 200,000 miles of service. The simplicity of design minimized repairs and downtime.


Without complex features or technology, the reasonable purchase price and minimal maintenance costs made this an affordable police vehicle. The total cost of ownership was up to 70% less than modern cruisers.

Perspective from Haloid Spokesperson

George Martinez, a spokesperson from Haloid Fleet, acknowledged that some may question ranking an older vehicle above contemporary models. However, he emphasized that the exceptional performance, utility and value provided by the Crown Victoria justified its top position. Martinez observed that many police departments today would eagerly purchase this vehicle if it were still in production due to tight budgets.

Legacy and Prospects for the Crown Victoria

While beloved by law enforcement, the Crown Victoria no longer seems poised for a comeback due to regulatory and economic constraints.

Fuel Economy Regulations and Production Costs

Current fuel economy standards make it impractical to reproduce an older V8-powered vehicle like the Crown Victoria. Restarting production would also prove expensive given its past low sales volumes. As a result, bringing this icon out of retirement appears highly unlikely.

Ongoing Relevance and Influence

Yet while the Crown Victoria is gone, its core qualities of dependability, affordability and functionality continue to be highly valued, if difficult to achieve with contemporary police vehicles. The Crown Victoria thus retains an enduring influence as the benchmark for reasonably priced, high-performing cop cruisers.


The Ford Crown Victoria maintains its reputation as the greatest police vehicle of all time due to its balanced capabilities, safety, and sheer value. While federal regulations and production costs prevent its return, its strengths offer lessons for designing the next generation of police cruisers. The Crown Victoria will be remembered as more than just a car – it was a stalwart partner that helped officers perform their duties safely and effectively for over 25 years.

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What were some key reasons the Crown Victoria was favored by police?

The Crown Victoria was favored for its V8 power, rear-wheel drive performance, spacious interior, large trunk, safety, affordability, and reliability over high mileage.

What changes led the Crown Victoria to be discontinued in 2011?

Stringent fuel economy standards made the V8 engine too inefficient. Demand also declined as police departments shifted to Explorers, Chargers, Tahoes and other modern cruiser options.

How did the ranking criteria used by Haloid Fleet favor the Crown Victoria?

The criteria prioritized cost, utility, and durability over new technology and features. This benefitted the Crown Victoria given its low ownership costs, simplicity, safety, and 200,000+ mile lifespan.

Could the Crown Victoria be brought back into production today?

It’s highly unlikely due to fuel standards and the high costs of restarting low-volume production of an outdated design. Automakers are focused on new technologies rather than reissuing old platforms.

How can contemporary police cruisers emulate the strengths of the Crown Victoria today?

Automakers can focus on maximizing interior space, safety, durability, driving dynamics and cost-efficiency even as they transition to more modern powertrains and technologies. The Crown Victoria’s ideals still resonate.

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