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National Police Weekend 2023 event schedule announced

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund has released the schedule for this year’s National Police Weekend, the premier annual event honoring the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers across the United States. Police Weekend 2023, hosted by the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum from September 29-30, will feature a series of special events and activities that pay tribute to law enforcement while promoting public awareness and engagement.

About National Police Weekend

National Police Weekend is hosted annually by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring fallen law enforcement officers and providing support programs for their families and departments.

First launched in 2017, National Police Weekend aims to build understanding between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, while providing a national platform for recognizing the service of law enforcement personnel.

The event aligns with the annual National Police Week held each May in Washington D.C. at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, which honors officers who have died in the line of duty. National Police Weekend extends this tribute by engaging communities across the country.

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Key Details on National Police Weekend 2023

Marking its seventh year, National Police Weekend 2023 will take place on Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30 in Washington D.C.

The two-day event is hosted by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and the National Law Enforcement Museum.

Centered around the theme “Honoring the Service and Sacrifice”, Police Weekend 2023 will feature the Annual Awards Ceremony and Reception, the Move for the Badge community fundraising event, and an Open House Day at the Museum with free admission.

Date and Location
  • National Police Weekend 2023 will be hosted in Washington D.C. on September 29-30
  • Events will be held at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and the National Law Enforcement Museum
  • Hosted by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) and the National Law Enforcement Museum
  • The 2023 theme is “Honoring the Service and Sacrifice”, spotlighting law enforcement service and remembrance

Events Schedule

The National Police Weekend 2023 schedule features the following key events:

Annual Awards Ceremony and Reception
Date and Location:
  • Friday, September 29 at the National Law Enforcement Museum
Agenda and Highlights:
  • Presentation of the 2023 Destination Zero Officer Safety and Wellness Awards
  • Announcement of 2022 and 2023 Officers of the Month
  • 2023 Ambassador Impact Award presentation
  • Guest speakers and special guests
Award Categories:
  • Recognizes outstanding initiatives and leadership in law enforcement safety, health and wellness
Special Guests and Speakers:
  • Features remarks by law enforcement leadership and dignitaries
Nationwide Move for the Badge Community Event
About the Event
  • Flagship community event benefiting NLEOMF
  • Participants walk, run or bike to raise funds in honor of fallen officers
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**Fundraising **
  • Supports NLEOMF officer memorials, family support programs, training resources and more
Getting Involved
  • Individuals and teams can organize Moves in their own communities
  • Official event merchandise available
Culminating Event:
  • Local Moves lead up to national culmination event on September 30 in Washington D.C.
National Law Enforcement Museum Open House
Free Admission
  • Free entry to the Museum offered on Saturday, September 30
  • Advanced ticketing required
Exhibits and Attractions
  • Chance for public to view exhibits honoring law enforcement service and history
Safety Protocols
  • COVID-19 precautions will be in place to protect visitors and staff
How to Get Tickets
  • Free Museum entry tickets available online in advance

Partners and Sponsors

  • National Police Weekend sponsored by organizations including Police Executive Research Forum, FBI National Academy Associates, Society for Policing Leadership, and more

Impact and Significance

Honoring Law Enforcement
  • Pays tribute to the service of over 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers nationwide
  • Recognizes over 22,000 officers killed in the line of duty throughout U.S. history
Supporting Families and Communities
  • Fundraising efforts provide resources to families impacted by line-of-duty deaths
  • Fosters community engagement with law enforcement
Promoting Awareness
  • Educates public about officer roles, risks and responsibilities
  • Encourages appreciation for dedication and courage of the law enforcement profession

Looking Ahead to 2024

With the successful 2023 National Police Weekend as a foundation, organizers are already looking ahead to 2024 for an even larger slate of events across more host sites that will enable expanded community participation across the country. More details on National Police Weekend 2024 will be released in early 2023.

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National Police Weekend 2023 represents an impactful multi-day tribute that enables citizens nationwide to honor the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line. Through events like the Memorial Reception, Move for the Badge, and National Law Enforcement Museum Open House, Police Weekend celebrates the service and sacrifice of brave officers while bringing together communities and law enforcement agencies in solidarity. Organizers hope events this September will inspire even wider participation in 2024 and beyond.


What is the Move for the Badge event?

The Move for the Badge is the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund’s flagship community event where participants walk, run or bike in their own communities to raise funds honoring fallen officers.

Do I need tickets for the Museum Open House day?

Yes, free tickets must be reserved online in advance to gain entry to the National Law Enforcement Museum on September 30.

What safety guidelines will be in place?

COVID-19 safety measures like masks, distancing and enhanced sanitization protocols will be implemented to protect Police Weekend participants and staff.

How can someone make a donation?

Donations to support the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund can be made online or mailed directly to NLEOMF headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Are there virtual participation options?

While events take place in Washington D.C., individuals from anywhere in the country can fundraise and participate virtually in Police Weekend events through platforms like the nationwide Move For the Badge.

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