NYC, NYPD union reach new contract after seven years of disagreement

After going 7 years without a new contract, New York City and the police union have reached a tentative labor agreement that includes wage hikes and a pilot program for new officer shift schedules.

New Contract Agreement

The deal announced on April 5, 2023 includes several key components:

– Officers will receive a compounded wage increase totaling 28.25% from 2017 to 2025. Raises are retroactive to 2017.

– The contract creates a pilot program allowing about 400 officers to work new shift schedules with longer hours but fewer weekly shifts.

Mayor Eric Adams hailed the agreement as fair to officers and taxpayers. Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said it achieves better work schedules for officers.

Background on Labor Dispute

The city and the Police Benevolent Association (PBA), which represents over 20,000 NYPD officers, worked without an official contract during the tenure of former Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Relations between the PBA and City Hall have been contentious for years under de Blasio, with disputes over pay and disciplinary policies.

Path to New Deal

After taking office in 2022, Mayor Adams began informal talks with PBA President Patrick Lynch about a new contract.

Months of formal negotiations followed, resulting in this week’s tentative deal.

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Pilot Program Details

The scheduling pilot will take place in the Bronx’s 45th and 47th precincts, Transit District 11, and NYCHA housing PSA 8.

Officers can choose 12-hour shifts (3 days on, 3 off) or 10-hour shifts (4 days on, 2 off).

Goals are reducing overtime costs and improving work-life balance for officers.


Lynch hailed the deal, a contrast from his past protests against City Hall.

But some City Council members questioned the timing as the city implements budget cuts.

Looking Ahead

The contract must still be ratified by PBA members.

If the pilot succeeds, the new shift model could expand department-wide.

The city hopes the deal will aid NYPD recruitment and retention.


After years without an agreement, the new contract signals improved relations between the NYPD rank-and-file and city leadership. Both sides will need to collaborate going forward on critical issues facing the police department and city.


What are the key terms of the new NYPD contract?

The contract includes a 28.25% total wage increase for officers from 2017-2025. It also creates a pilot program for new shift schedules with longer hours.

How long did the city and PBA go without a contract?

They went 7 years without a new labor agreement, dating back to the de Blasio administration.

What was the main sticking point in negotiations?

Pay has been a major issue, with the union arguing officers deserved significant raises. Disciplinary policies were also a source of contention.

When will the new contract take effect?

It must still be ratified by the union membership. If approved, raises will be retroactive starting in 2017.

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Could the pilot program expand citywide?

If the pilot succeeds in reducing overtime and improving work-life balance over the 6-month test, the city may expand it more broadly.

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